How to install guild wars 2 on mac os x

Near the forests where the asura make their home are the sylvari, a new race who have appeared in Tyria in the last 25 years, unaffected by the difficulties that plague the other races but with some as yet unexplained connection to the Elder Dragons. I installed Playonlinux and then i went to install Gw2. When launcher should apper, it is just blue window i am guessing from virtual desktop, from settings right and nothing happens. I already have winbind installed as I saw for previous post some instruction on that. I hope someon can help me.

Ty for understanding :. Running wine Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution. Emulated the desktop screen in Wine with x to my screen size. It crashed at first attempt to install but I selected the overwrite option and installed again and it finished the install. Other than that, It is currently running as if it is on Windows. It exceeded my expectations. It plays as if it could be a native client. I am a happy camper. It looks like it is only getting about FPS when looking at the screen options in game, but it feels like it is performing alot better than that.

Installed and ran just fine on Linux Mint With a 32bit virtual drive running wine 1. Seeing an error in the installer; right after seeing the option to use a cd or download the installer.

Guild Wars 2 Mac Client – Guild Wars 2 Support

I was running on the lowest settings and getting around 30 fps. The 64 bit version seems slightly worse to me. I haven't done any hard tests or comparisons. It is likey that I am seeing no performance changes. When I try to login to the launcher, i get an error: client is unable to connect to the login server.

I have graphic and sound problems. The first i noticed cuz i didnt went anywhere, couldnt create char while creating character. So i don't know how to describe it. When im chosing class its ok but when im creating i have something wrong with char skin textures and armor textures. I tried to debug and i have this:. I have ubuntu I've tried setting both of my video car as primary during the install but the same result. If you have a great CPU 4.

Is it possible to play Guild Wars 2 game in Macbook Air?

I can't do anything with launcher but to close it. Once in a while maybe 1 time in 50 I can login and play. Whats the issue? Seemed to work moderately well, only had one crash while trying to install, and had an issue were the game didn't show up but it changed my curse.

Only major issue I had was the slow FPS. About FPS even on the lowest settings. Running x2 AMD Radeon 's. Guild Wars 2 is unable to start because another copy is already running on this computer, or because the application has insufficient rights to successfully detect whether another copy is already running on this computer. Works fine although I had to manually set wine config to emulate a virtual desktop in order to prevent gw2 launcher to freeze.

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Went very smooth. Not had a good play of the game but it worked fine from what I did see.

Guild Wars 2 on mac?

Crashed after the game installed so I ran the. Nice job guys. I had to reset the computer twice. You are here. Supported software Guild Wars 2. New installer. Warning This installer is a beta script. It means that it might not work as expected. Install this program. Information This update has been approved by the team. Try this update. Message Hi. The Wine version you use was not tested with this game and POL. Downgrade it. Message I'm tying to install onto my fresh Linux Mint distro and getting the following log info: Running wine On another note.

I am playing on Kubuntu I also wanted to add since I missed it when typing the first message that I used the Guildwars2 64bit client, so all of the setup is 64bit. Message I tryed Guildwars2 with Wine 2. Message consegui rodar com sucesso no Elementary OS Loki. Message Game launch but i only have sound and no picture. Seems to be an incompatibility with my radeon Fury. Waiting for the next version of amdgup. Message Today's update seems to have broken the game.

Game crashes apon play. Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team. Use it at your own risk. First thanks for your work. Posted by: Hellchaos. Are they just client crashes where you have the option to send a report to anet or full crashes of your machine though? While neither is good the former might be a memory leak. If you can add more memory beyond the stock 8 GB you might want to do so. If not or you already have more try doing a full quit of the client now and then. Posted by: Kyuwa. Is it gone or does the game now automatically use all of your vram?

Currently sitting at 24meg free meg compressed and Posted by: Da Kril. I can confirm the Full-Screen Gamma slider does not function. Please make enabling this a priority; crucial for keeping the screen from being too dark. Of nine characters, only my ele has graphic issues at the loading screen.

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He has black ears and a black patch on his neck! As others have said, these do not occur in-game. Note: it also occurs in the small character selection portrait. Posted by: izari. Just downloaded this. It solves the odd issue I have on the big client where the Gem store would hardly ever load. The texture issue vanished at one point but reappears when I walk back into the area. Posted by: AdNihilum. First off, it is a very pleasant surprise to find Mac players getting some love from the Developers, and off the bat, instant benefit has been gleaned from initial testing.

Graphics settings changes disfunction thereof not withstanding, in game features that depend on pop up windows and overlays like the trade post and clicking through consumables in inventory are now a lot smoother. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks in now, and I still find myself unwilling to use the 64 bit client due to its instability.

Guild Wars 2 on Mac OS X (Beta)

A crash will occur within 30 minutes for any seemingly random reason, and without there being a processor-intensive circumstance. I am hardly playing on the strongest Mac available.

Guild Wars 2 gets beta client for Mac OS X

That being said, the stock Mac Mini late is listed as an acceptable game station for this client, and the only altered aspect of this machine is that it is running the newest MacOS Sierra…no hardware alterations have been made. I look forward to providing more constructive feedback. As it stands, I open the client up once a day to see if any updates are taking hold and, if so, I give the game a chance until it crashes on me again… before returning to the wrapped client.

Posted by: Draxx. Will doing these tweaks make the bit version worse?

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Are these same configurations used on the bit version? Are there tweaks in here that could improve? Posted by: EchoPadder. I wonder why there are not more posts about this. This is much more frustrating than some visual glitches…. Posted by: Talentix.