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Audio Audio Input Line In 3. From what I understand, only certain PC model cards can be properly flashed to work with the Mac. With the Mac Pro, there are some molex plugs located on the motherboard, near the right side of the DVD drive. Kinda figured I had made a dumb move buying that one.

Maybe I can use it in my PC. So, what would be my best economical choice to throw in the mac to upgrade it. I use Adobe CC for my small business. What about this one? That should work.

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Went ahead and ordered. Hopefully it will come fairly soon. Any other ideas of upgrades that I should do, now that I have posted the specs and opened this can of worms? Btw, thanks for the help!

GTX 750 Ti in a Mac Pro?

Thank you for posting this Krishna! How do you like them? Do you find the Yiynova works well for drawing on, and the larger dell for correct color and higher resolution? Both the Yiynova and the Dell displays have been working really well for me. From what I have read, there is an even newer version of the Yiynova display MSP22 version 3 that has a much better viewing angle and improved color gamut.

All the work I have been making over the past 2 years has been on the Yiynova. I really like my cheese grater mac and would like to get a few more years out of it. It should work just fine, Brad. All work without any issues. Krishna i will add to cart and complete my transaction. Glad i found this thread. Again thanks! Hey Dread!

More GPU required for software these days…. Works out of the box without any flashing or modification at all. There are more card options to choose from.

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Enter eBay. Installation After disconnecting all the cables from the Mac Pro, I installed the new video card into Slot 2 on the Mac Pro, keeping the existing Radeon card in Slot 4. Conclusion In total, I now have five displays connected among two computers. Krishna M. Height Width 8. Weight Good luck, Michael! Many thanks! Thanks in advance.

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Glad to help, Brad! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Apr 19, 35 8. Hi All, I tried posting a comment in the group regarding running Mojave on an unsupported Mac but the comments are fierce and fast.. How can we install Mojave if the installer can't be visible without an EFI card?

But the EFI card is not supported by Mojave. My understanding is that, the GTX will work just fine under Mojave with the Nvidia drivers installed, but of course, no way to install them without being able to see the operating system in the first place! I feel quite list in this situation and need to find a way around it. Would anyone be willing to create a restorable DMG with Mojave pre-installed with the Nvidia drivers? Obviously only makes sense to do this once the OS is fully released..

This forum has always been super helpful to me, and dosdude1 has even helped to solve an issue I had with the GTX ti and High Sierra.. Reactions: JleeMadness.

Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti for Apple Mac Pro Displayport HD | eBay

Zlobnick macrumors member. Mar 6, 47 18 Croatia. I have the exact same machine, exact same cards and will install the exact same OS when it's released My guess is to install with my EFI-capable Radeon , then install nVidia web drivers and put the GTX in. I can share fresh DMG if I suceed. Last edited: Sep 20, But you wont be able to boot into the OS with the Not to the best of my knowledge.

It's not a "metal" card and it wont work under Mojave. It's really disappointing to not see any other responses on this thread.

Zlobnick did you do it? Yeah, I installed Mojave today using both cards at the same time. All went flawlessly using dosdude's Mojave patcher. I even get a usable picture in Mojave with , but it's slow.