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Member of Parliament.

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Military police other expansions. Ancient Egyptian mummy , chemically preserved corpse any preserved corpse Mexican mumia.

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US; alternative UK term serviette is becoming obsolete]. The National Health Service , a government-run health care plan funded by British taxpayers and available to all citizens. The National Honor Society , an American scholastic organization open to high schoolers in grades 10—12, see grade who excel in academics, leadership skills, citizenship, and character. There is no direct equivalent in Britain for the latter term which would include, but would not be restricted to all registered charities in Britain but, for example, building societies would also be considered non-profits in the United States.

A deep, narrow mountain pass. Contrast ' Asian ', meaning a person from South Asia.

Considered pejorative when used to describe persons. Type of animal, e.

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Although refers to trousers in parts of Northern England. Scotland a pasture or field area for the parking of motor vehicles "a car park" sports a soccer or rugby field see also country park. To engage in romantic intimacy in a parked vehicle. US: field.

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Device for preventing water from running out of a washbasin or bathtub aka 'stopper' for a 'tub' in American English. Many, many uses; see Point disambiguation. A large architectural feature, usually found as one of a pair at the entrance to ancient Egyptian temples — see Pylon architecture.

Liquid measure approximately 1. Liquid measure equal to 0. Queue data structure. Fish including members of the family Cyprinidae. An edible salad green, called arugula in American English.

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US and now common are: to be a candidate in an election UK also stand ; to manage or provide for a business, a family, etc. More s. UK: at school for both. US ; reminder of the past. Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo cartoon a type of shredded coarse tobacco. To transport goods by sea, movement of goods by sea Relationship fandom. Shot disambiguation. Latin for "Thus", "just so" — states that the preceding quoted material appears exactly that way in the source, usu.

Also trophies won by a sports team i. FA Cup , Challenge Cup A product from the iron-smelting blast furnace; mainly used in tarmac production. A horizontal member which lies beneath, and binds together, the rails of a railway. US: railroad tie , crosstie. Download Pronunciation Coach. Add a review Tell us your experience with Pronunciation Coach 2.

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Install them with the go get command: go-sqlite3 goini To make http requests, a valid pearson API key is needed. Usage Use the command help anytime to see what to do next. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.