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So even though it was not installed in the application, it also seemed unavailable to be installed.

I've used VBA coding to install it upon opening of some of the files I've created. For users encountereing the problem I've mentioned, this does not find and install the file - it seems to be unavailable. Would browsing for the add-in in the "Add-In Install" window find it when the code has failed?

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I suspect there are trimmed-down versions of Excel where this add-in is simply not part of the normal installation. When users don't have the original installation disk to go back to, how can someone still get and install this? That is why it is not offered on their download site.

The ToolPak is somewhat hidden! Joe - again; thank you so much for the input. I'll see what I can do with this info for those who need the help.

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Viewed 52k times. Is it any updates for this subject? Really need Data Analysis for mac! Yes, it appears to have been discontinued.

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If you get prompted that the Analysis ToolPak is not currently installed on your computer, click Yes to install it. Note: it is possible that the Analysis ToolPak was loaded when you originally installed Excel.

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  5. To check this see if Data Analysis is listed under the Data tab. However, here are some options you can try.

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    I welcome your comments about how helpful this is. If your version is earlier than , check to see if the command, Data Analysis , is available on the Tools menu in Excel. If the Data Analysi s command is unavailable on the Tools menu, then you must install and load it following these steps:.