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Fig 2. In the drop-down menu, click on ' About Safari ', or press the down arrow to highlight ' About Safari ' and then press Enter , to open the window shown in Fig 3. Fig 3.

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Change Your Mac’s Default Mail Reader

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Find out more about page archiving. Even with confirmation that, for example, Firefox is the default browser, Safari is the browser that opens when clicking on a link from within an app. Confirmation that Firefox is the default browser on a system where links open Safari. Many of you remember those days.

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Here is how OS X Daily explained how to set your default browser, back during those simpler, more innocent times:. But Safari has gone through many changes, and some of those changes include the migrating of some of the general settings to their own tabs and, more recently, removing the default browser setting from Safari entirely. And that is also the second mystery solved. Remember above how we showed you that Firefox still was set as the default browser? What Firefox says is the default browser. But look at what System Preferences is saying is the default browser, on the same computer at the same time:.

This is why even though you have Firefox or another non-Safari browser set as your default browser — and why even though your default browser knows it is the default browser — when you click on a link in an app, Safari was opening the link. Because sometime, during some update, Safari became set as your default browser within your main system preferences, and so was overriding your actual default browser. So, in System Preferences, click on the Default web browser dropdown menu, and set your browser back to the browser of your choice.

December 1, am. Alex Schenker Admin. Hi Mei, very frustrating!

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If you can give me some more details I can try and help you troubleshoot. December 4, am. Belkin router Support. Follow this step you can easily solve a problem. Select the Basics tab, and in the Default browser section, click the button labelled Make Google Chrome my default browser.

Make Firefox your default browser

Click close to save your changes. August 31, am. John Taylor.

How to Set Default Browser Mac

With Vici. July 31, pm. Hi John, Not sure I understand — Vici. August 2, pm.

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Still, when I click on http or https links Internet Explorer still opens. Does this have to be that hard to do? May 19, pm.

Hi there, I can totally relate to your frustration! If you give me more details PC or Mac, name of application I can give you more specific instructions. I have the same issue and would love to be able to fix it. I see that even Firefox though is my default browser, IE retains some unpickable defaults.

macOS: How to Set Default Browser

My fingers are crossed! September 28, pm. I recently switched my default browser on iOS I have the Apple extension for Gmail, but external email links and Share all open Chrome, which is annoying. Settings shows no clear path to change this. April 13, pm. Simple explanation, but no tools menu in Chrome.

November 29, pm. Kimberly Alt Admin. The tools menu is on the right side of Chrome.