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Sign up to our Newsletter A fresh new issue delivered monthly. Eclipse Community Forums. Forum Search:. Tue, 01 August David Antliff Messages: 10 Registered: April I'm trying to install the latest Eclipse Oxygen release eclipse-inst-mac After decompressing the tarball, I have a "Eclipse Installer. Is it actually correct? Why doesn't the installer work with JRE 8? However I specifically do not with to do this I will be using Eclipse with CDT, not for Java development and if it truly is a requirement then I suggest two changes: 1.

Ed Merks Messages: Registered: July To be honest, I don't understand why they don't just bundle a private copy of Java 1. KennyM Java 1. So testing PicKit3 on Yosemite, I have the same problem "guest" describes. And I agree with security concerns. Java 6 is really old and not secure. David Aparicio Campos. Re: MacOSX Just a quick head-up for everyone moving to OS Aussie Susan. Kenny, I tried this Java 1. Also tried to Java 1. Aussie Susan Kenny, I tried this Java 1.

Suan Make sure you report it as a bug using this forum! David Meyer. My workflow is impossible right now.

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Make sure you report it as a bug via support. I also post at: PicForum. Yes, the IDE requires 1. Microchip has known about this issue for over 4 mo now and we still do not have a fix in the new 1.

Microchip, do you test your software prior to release! Let your customer help you, put out alpha and beta version of your tools for us to test and provide you with feedback prior to release!! Look at the open source community, they make this model work for them!!!

I, for one, feel that using an IDE which is based on Java is a bad choice. Java is unsupported on Apple Mac platforms for good reason. It is an old architechture, that promised cross-platform drop and run compatibility, but never did deliver it. Java still uses a java virtual machine, and java byte code, in order to achieve cross-platform compatibility. But get this - very few if any!

If this were not the case, you'd simply download a single JAR and it would run on any platform. So if you are doing a different build for each platform anyway, why not use a properly compiled native language instead? By all means abstract all the hardware dependent stuff, but still maintain a core of common code.

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It's not hard, and I would bet my life that the man-hours required to do that would be no more than the man hours required to fight with the whole java cross platform nightmare. For command line builds, the password is queried on the console. For full automation, the new command line parameters --win-keystore-password and --mac-keystore-password or their corresponding attributes in the ant task can be used.

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Apple will not develop a proprietary Java 7 version, and the current Java 6 support is likely to be phased out in a future release of Mac OS X. This was previously not possible due to technical and legal reasons. The installer displays a native progress dialog while a bundled JRE is being decompressed and started - similar to the one on Windows. Starting with install4j 5. The "Request privileges" action now starts an elevated helper process in which any action can be executed if its "Action elevation type" property is set to "Elevate to maximum privileges".

This property is available on all installer applications, screens, screen groups, actions and action groups. By default, the property is set to inherit from the parent element. For installer applications, the default setting is not to elevate any actions, so actions are not elevated unless explicitly specified.

All actions in install4j automatically set suitable default values for this property. Since a restart of the installer is no longer needed, you can move the "Request privileges" action from the "Startup" node to any later point in the installer when you determine that you need elevated privileges. Enhanced "Run executable or batch file" action.