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Why is that? Drugstore beauty is essential because, while some may not live near a Sephora, Ulta, or Riley Rose, drugstores are much easier to come by in many parts of the country. Some of the best products in beauty right now are waiting for you at the drugstore, and one is able to put together a perfect routine for them, no matter what that might look like, with affordable, accessible products. Making these new, darker shades is only half the battle.

To get another perspective on just why this is all so important, I asked some of my favorite women of color in beauty about why this matters, and what they would like the future of drugstore beauty to look like. I feel like if brands are going come out with the shades — A. Teen Vogue columnist and beauty and culture writer, Shammara Lawrence , further detailed why it's about more than just shade selection, it's about accessibility. While it's incredible that 40 shades and more have become the gold standard for new foundation ranges these days, brands also need to take into account where those shades are being stocked, especially the darker ones.

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It's not enough for brands to create all of those shades if people have a difficult time finding them because only a limited amount of stores have them in stock. Nobody has time for that!

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Directing the customer to buy product online completely skirts the initial issue of why these shades are not available in store. Could the customer buy them online?

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Sure, but which customers are forced to shade match themselves from a photo on a screen, and which ones are able to do it in store? Lighter options are always on the shelves, so they can pick between Fair Light, Light Neutral, and Light Medium, to decide which shade is perfect for them. Until people of all skin tones are allowed the same opportunity, this will remain a problem. I wanted to find out why there was still a lack in the availability of products in many drugstores around the country, and where we can look to solve the problem. I reached out to three of the biggest chains in the U.

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Shade matching online is incredibly difficult. While this is absolutely something we are still working on since demographics in the communities we serve are constantly changing. This is why larger stores tend to support a wider variety of shades. With increasing diversity, there is much more of a responsibility that we feel to offer more shade ranges in the right stores.

As the industry and stores evolve, actions are in place to make these products and shades more accessible to our customers. I asked about how seasonal and limited-edition launches make it to each store and if they receive full collections or if seasonal products are ordered individually as well. Brands are constantly evolving and swap out product every six months when formulas or packaging changes," said a representative from Walgreens.

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Our in-store beauty consultants are not only available to assist in color matching with swatches and samples sent by select brands, but they can also order anything that is out of stock or not carried in stores through our ship-to-store program. So what have we learned?

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Drugstores are stocked by managers who are able to pick and choose shades based on what they perceive to be the needs of their customers. Should it be in the hands of one person who may or may not know anything about beauty, much less care, to decide what products and shades are available in their store?


Could we standardize this so that all drugstores have full range selections of complexion cosmetics? This system has obvious imperfections.

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With more and more products being released every season and limited space on shelves, it doesn't escape me that it is a challenge to stock full ranges of foundations while still making room for the new products, but that's not the consumer's problem to fix, it's the drugstore's. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick Maybelline gives Bobbi Brown a run for their money with this easy-to-apply dupe that glides on so easily.

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