Error 39 mac os 9

Check sInfo rec for more information. Basically, this indicates a run-time resolution error. However, in a dynamic system e. Error codes from different dialects may overlap. These can be returned by Flippers.

Error Type -39

See below in this range for additional error codes. MacsBug Installed? Disassembler Installed? Extensions Disabled? HD20 Startup?

Interpretation of System Error Messages

Log in to Reply. Please note that NTFS also features file streams. The data fork contains what we generally call a file on the PC, that is the text created by a word processor, the pixels building a picture, etc. When transferring data files between Macintosh and PC, the data fork is generally the only part of interest the major exception being font files and programs [executable files], see below. The resource fork may contain the code of a program, the commands of a font file, etc.

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Some programs store a preview picture in the resource fork. The code of programs is stored in the resource fork. Program files often have an empty data fork. This explains why it can happen that a program, transferred through channels ignoring file forks and having lost its resource fork, can no longer be executed error , meaning unexpected end of file. Against what is often said, even by knowledgeable persons, the resource fork doesn't contain the signature of Macintosh files file type and file creator , which is stored in the disk catalog.

The resource fork is organised as a data base, which allows for a fast access to all components of the stream. This is a big advantage for some applications. It is also possible to change and replace some elements without disturbing the rest of the fork.

Mac Installation Errors You Encounter and How to Fix Them

The "lost of the resource fork" is a mythical catastrophe about which many messages are exchanged on all forums handling Macintosh file transfers. It creates different types of. One nice thing about the old. I think you could still do use the hint verbatim in With This worked for me yesterday and it created foo. Then I was able to use StuffIt Expander 5. Lost your password?

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Create OS 9 style. I know that I'm not the only one out there who uses OS 9 once in a while. Not everyone has upgraded their software to Mac OS X, so whether you are trying to be compatible with other people, or just taking care of your own computers, it's nice to be able to support OS 9.

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Of course, one of the things it'd be nice to do is to be able to create Mac OS 9 compatible disk images. That way, if you have to use OS 9 to recover from a backup, you can do it. Handily, OS X can open the. However, creating them is a different story. For a long time, the only way I found was to boot up in OS 9 and make the images there.

One last thing, before we begin. All this is done under OS Until then, read the rest of the hint GUI Method This part essentially walks you through the making your nice image.

How to Resolve Error 36 in Mac OS X Finder with dot_clean

It's really easy, and you should have no trouble whatsoever with it as long as you follow the instructions. You only have to type one command in the Terminal, and that's only once Before you begin, as always, it's a good idea to read through the entire process. Here are the steps: If you've never done this before, you get to do your one step in the Terminal now.

After doing this once, you can skip this step. DiskCopy expert-mode 1 and hit return. That wasn't so bad. Now, you can go fire up Disk Copy. On the way there, check to see how big the files are that you want to put on the image are.

Mac OS 9.x (Main Page)

Disk Copy should create the image and mount it in the Finder for you. On my computer, the system puts up an error saying something along the lines of "you have inserted a disk that Mac Os X cannot read. What do you want to do? Anyway, select all your files that should be on the disk image and copy them over to the disk image.

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