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If your needs are a little more specific and you really need a dedicated CAD program, here are great open source choices to consider:. BRL-CAD is a cross-platform CAD tool that dates back to , although it would take 25 years for the source code to be released under an open source license. In fact, BRL-CAD is so old that it has been credited with being the oldest source code repository of an application currently in active development.

Originally developed by Mike Muuss at the Army Research Laboratory, BRL-CAD is been used for decades by the United States military for modeling weapon systems, but it also has been used for much more everyday design tasks, from academic to industrial design to health applications. So what does more than 35 years of development bring you?

BRL-CAD is made up of more than different constituent tools and applications spread across more than a million lines of source code. FreeCAD is a parametric open source CAD program that was created to be able to design "real-life objects of any size," and although it's clear that many of the showcased examples created by users are smaller objects, there's no specific reason it couldn't be used for architectural applications as well.

FreeCAD can import and export from a variety of common formats for 3D objects, and its modular architecture makes it easy to extend the basic functionality with various plugins. The program has many built-in interface options, from a sketcher to renderer to even a robot simulation ability. Currently in beta, FreeCAD is being actively developed with regular releases, but the developers warn that it may not yet be suitable for production use.

LibreCAD is 2D only, though, so it makes more sense if your intended use is a site plan or something similarly, err, flat. Since we can't include all of the options here, if you have a favorite, let us know in the comments below. Are you interested in reading more articles like this? Sign up for our weekly email newsletter. I think you nailed it.

What are the best 2D CAD software?

The beauty of Linux is Linux itself, and the apparent obsession many users have to also use only OSS on it, is limiting their use of their computer, and is a loyalty of open source, that seems far beyond the philosophy the Linus and the Linux kernel. It even uses most of Autocad's same commands. BricsCAd also has a large community using the product. As a 20 autocad user, it only took minutes for me to get up and running with BricsCAD. I would hazard a guess that most readers of opensource. You simply code objects -- after a little bit of a learning curve to remember the basic commands it becomes an incredibly powerful parametric design tool.

In general, I have found that students who are not already familiar with some form of visual CAD program pick it up more quickly. What we really need to work on is getting open source CAD programs into schools - so students become familiar with them first rather than getting locked into expensive proprietary packages. Starting Tues May 31 You will find out more information.

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Onshape has a programming language. Actually Onshape is written in FeatureScript. We are publishing all the details of FeatureScript and open sourcing our feature code.. It will be available to any wishing to modify, create and do some very cool things. I think this is something in a slightly different category than the existing opensource CAD tools. This is high end, cloud based open source CAD We are very excited You are going to see some interesting things I think. Runs in the browser, rendering models with WebGL. I used this to design many models for 3d printing, including my wedding bands.

Speaking of CAD software, and this is actually in general terms, it really helps to have attended school! Cause programmer or not, you're gonna get into programmer's turf every now and then, when solving several problems into CAD software. Basic version of Draftsight is free for anyone, and there is a Linux version.

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You have to register but they don't hassle. Yep, 2D is certainly not obsolete - millions of us still have to produce 2D stuff. Otherwise, FreeCAD looks interesting, but is only at about version 0. Who knows - maybe I'll end up doing them Fact is none of these tools solve even close to the same thing as the commercial CAD tools do. BRL is the closest, but its modeling last time i use was just appalling.

The others why even include 2d? I'd agree that there really isn't a direct replacement to AutoCAD. The other issue is that for quick and 'dirty' creation, things like TinkerCAD can help you put a concept model together quite fast without installing a program. But since both of them aren't open source, they don't need comment time.

I've also used Blender to make a model of parts of a standing desk.

Unfortunately I see too many situations where users try to use these OpenSource Apps as an alternative to AutoCAD but rarely does it work out for them. Being in the education business, I've trained many individuals that tried using them but found themselves either limited with what they needed done or restricted with their clients that needed to view the CAD drawing.

It runs native under Linux, Licens fee around Eur. I find it interesting how many people make idiotic comments about proprietary software on an opensource web site.. Great article on Open Source Alternatives. I've been an AutoCad user for over 25 years and have been using Revit since I have a huge library that I have built over the years therefore another Cad software program would have to blow my mind for me to consider switching. Julia Longtin, the president of HacDC. The source code is written in Haskell, and it promises to handle curves much better -- or so Julia says.

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Disclaimer: I'm currently on the board at HacDC, as I was too slow stepping backwards when they asked for volunteers. Hi, Jason Baker, I have pleased to read the article which is full of information about Cad software program. Thanks and have a nice day! SolveSpace is my favorite. It can do more than all the others, and is extremely fast, small and elegant. FreeCAD uses python for its kernel, so it's awfully slow, but gets a lot of contributions. I would like to use it for my first done image process. Open source computer-aided design software may not have all the functionality of proprietary solutions, but it may have everything you actually need.

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Create precise and professional 2D CAD drawings in moments, with this easy-to-use, powerful and affordable drafting application. With its precise vector tools, smart units and fully-featured scaled environment MacDraft is designed to deliver an easy to use solution, without having to spend hours and hours learning how to use more complicated software. Pound Dollar Euro. The latest version of MacDraft Professional includes some impressive improvements and features, that makes version 6. This brings a whole host of speed and efficiency to your software, making your MacDraft experience more enjoyable.

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High Sierra nvot only provides a more confident and powerful MacOS, it also gives an elegant design, that feels familiar, enhancing your applications and giving you a boost. A helpful screen that opens when the application runs. This is a single place to make it easier for you to access everything you need.

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In addtion, this can be hidden or controlled via your preferences. Here you can select from a range of pre-drawn templates and sample documents to help you get started. Alternatively you can choose to start with a blank document. In addition you can save your own templates and control how MacDraft Professional opens when you start your drawings and layouts.

The Smart Snap feature gives you complete control over the positioning of your objects and groups with relation to other items in the document. Quickly snap to the edges and centers with intuitive and precise snap lines that make positioning your objects easier and faster, saving you time. This is great for when working on precise layouts for any type of design or creation.

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Guides are a great way to control the position and alignment of you objects across a page. They can help when creating layout documents, CAD drawings, engineering plans and more. You can add and delete guides with ease and for more precise guide placement use the add guide menu options and define a position. In addition, the guides are not included in your print-outs. Customize the background color, grid color and guide line color of your document using the Interface Colors You can also choose whether the background color you set is included in the printing of your document.

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All these options can be set as a preference allowing you to completely customize your drawing area for all your deisgns. Zooming is also much easier to control when working with complex drawings. The centering of the document is on by default, to change the document view between standard and centered, use the app preferences. Drag objects around the document area and overlap them into the dead space. This will allow you to control your bleeds and overlays for document layouts and printing. You can also drag them into the dead space and store them there while you are working on other parts of the drawing.

Anything stored in the dead space or overlapped will be excluded from printing.