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And to be able to follow it with Rhiannon Come sees Buckingham centre stage again - a delicate and sensitive opening showcasing his vocals before rocking like a bitch. And again Buckingham and Nicks shine on Gypsy. Big Love and Landslide were two of the best tracks on The Dance. And here they close disc one. And it shows. Nicks dedicates Landslide to Buckingham and you can feel yourself choking back the tears. Another absolutely beautiful delivery.

Stevie just seems to get better as the years go by. And a word of praise must go to Taku Hirano who is exceptional on percussion. Better than The Dance? Apart from the fabulous music as previous reviewers have noted age has improved the performance a relational mystery is going on.

Try to decipher it while watching I haven't figured it out yet. Stevie and Christine don't seem to fond of each other, for Mick it's all magic, John is, as always, in the background and Lindsey is just brilliant and seem to have taken distance from all that has happened in the past but still likes Stevie a lot.

Fleetwood Mac: The Dance DVD

It's worth every Euro cent. Best buy in years. This concert is simply mind boggling. The restored vocals of Stevie Nicks, the aging yet awesome voice of Lindsey Buckingham. The whole set is just awe-inspiring. The show starts off with the classic Mac tune "The Chain. Haunting reverb and his custom guitar simply spit out this tune. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. In fact, they've gotten better. I suppose that comes with age.

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It's a classic breakup song Lindsey simply steals the show. His guitar work is amazing, proving he is one of the best and most underrated guitarists of all time. If you must own one Fleetwood Mac cd, dvd, or video--make sure it's this one. I can't say enough about it. Great concert - gets better each time! The big reunion concert, from a few years ago, of the battling and estranged members of Fleetwood Mac - concert apparently first shown on MTV.

I never really like the studio cuts from this band. It was just more MOR AM fodder, one song sounding like the next - musically induced stupor; while the real bands were playing on the 'rockin' FM station somewhere. This band rocks. Maybe it's the 90s, and all music has more of an 'edge'. Sell it!

People around me think I've gone 'soft' or something - cause all they hear in the relatively insipid 70s AM version playing. I'm hearing something else. I'd never heard Silver Springs, before. It's really a clever and interesting song, when performed with some heart.

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I'd never heard Buckingham's 'spanish guitar' inspired songs and riffs. It was really impressive - as was the effort he put in to obv. At first it sounds forced, like some old guy who doesn't quite have it, anymore. Watch the vid over and over again, and it seems less and less to be like that, and more just a really good performance on his part.

Hard to believe Buckingham and Nicks started out as a bunch of naked folkies. They've come a long way. Very versatile.

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And her keyboard chords, for the other songs, are that extra dramatic 'touch' that you don't quite perceive, but you recognize. It's also great to listen to the economy, but surprizing fill and power, of the notes just from Mick and John. Those two guys make a heck of rhythm section, as it were.

Where Lindsey isn't exactly a blues picker or guitar hero, it doesn't matter in that the bottom and beat are so strong to catch any limitation where you expect more from the lead. The guys make it look too easy - just way too easy. Maybe that's true for music you like, maybe even films. But, it's a shame the 'Mac' couldn't have released something like this for the first albums but then they wouldn't have had the polish, the sense, the wisdom and the heart, perhaps, that they have now, which makes it possible. CosmicDwellings 9 March This concert is what all musical dreams are made of and it's just fabulous.

From the opening chords of "The Chain" through to Christine's beautiful encore of "Songbird", the chills and thrills will run up and down your spine just like Lindsey's fingers run up and down his guitar fretboard. This is a live musical masterpiece and is very addictive viewing and listening. The fabulous five are in fine form throughout, and it appears to be a total reinvention of sorts. The wonderful arena of the Warner Bros. Studios compliments the occasion with it's lavish stage set. However, it's the lead guitar-driven performances of Lindsey Buckingham that steals the show from the hard-rock blues of "I'm So Afraid" which is a passionately orgasmic experience to behold!

Stevie Nicks' crowning moment comes in the form of the beautiful "Silver Springs" - wonderful! The finale is something to behold too, complete with the accompaniment of the USC Marching Band - "Tusk" and "Don't Stop", which leads us to Christine's heartfelt encore at the piano - Fabulous! If you don't own this on CD and DVD then where have you been for the past ten years - go out and buy tomorrow!!!

This DVD is an absolute work of genius the band maybe all in there 50s but they still rock with the best of them, They sound like a band on top of there game and the songs all classics even the new ones bleed to love her and temporary one fit right in there with the rest and for them to bring back silver springs which was last played live in for the behind the mask tour and was shamefully left off the rumours album and put as a b side to go your own way has to be along with landslide one of the best songs ever written and the performance of it was so heartfelt and emotional no surprise it got put up for a Grammy.

The band may sound older but they proved they have not lost any of there magic Lindsay is a genius on the guitar and his reworking of big love is inspired Christine as ever sounds amazing with her golden voice and as always leaves me with a lump in my throat when she sings songbird at the end of-the concert Stevie her voice sounds older but it is still a powerful instrument and she looks great and puts so much into her performance Mick and john the best rhythm section there is these 2 guys have played together since the before there was a fleet wood mac and they compliment each other perfectly johns low key performance to Mick's wild man bug eyed look The performance of tusk with the USC Trojan band was out of this world definitely a showstopper gave a the song a great twist and brought a dream to life for Mick as he had intended for the local marching bad to perform that song with them whenever they where on tour but it never worked out until now well worth waiting over 25 years for.

This is a 10 out of 10 performance and everybody should have this in there music collection. I saw them perform in for there say you will tour and although Christine was missing they still performed a brilliant blistering show that at over 2 hours long and over 17 songs would have left many a younger band shattered but they where outstanding and they still have that magic even now approaching there 60s.

Miss S 8 July And-- what? It went through tracks in order, then to 5, now to But I remember other songs being there. I don't know. It's an absolute exorcism. Stevie just wails out the end, just screams it out. Channel seperation wasn't that much there, given that this track is only PCM stereo so once again, as with the Eric Clapton disc, you'll need to enable the fancy dsp modes of your receiver to get any action in the rears.


As with any PCM track, it is noticably louder than a downmixed Dolby digital track. The 5. Crowd effects are there in the rears, seems to be a common thing on these 5.

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  • You ARE sitting in the audience, which is where you should be placed and it works. Animated menus are used, basically each band member fading in and out of the main menu. Song lyrics are on the alternate audio tracks.


    If you're a fan of the Mac you'll enjoy this disc. Their songs on stage are as good as those they would have recorded in a studio, they perform well live. For the price, you're getting a best of album with the video to go with it.