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Hi Wh33zy, No worries at all. I have fixed up all 3 hopefully spelling mistakes. You may also want to check your grammar in your comment above. Hint: Apostrophe. So why do you need to suggest fonts to users in your job? Sounds like an interesting job description.

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Did you wager that one? Great post and articles. This is the first time I read this website and I must admit I have been a sucker once when I was just starting in design. I personally love bank gothic and buena park fonts. Akzidenz and Perpetua are new to me. Thanks for the additional knowledge Mr.

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Jacob Cass. You will never be able to appreciate the beauty of courier until you regularly use it. I only had to use courier because… a class in college mandated the font for all papers. At first I was thinking one thing: More space, less words.

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Really though… Courier is awesome. They all look the same except the shapes and stuff. Maybe you whould make the list of the best creative fonts and the prettiest. Typical traditional list.

Dull also. What customer cares about the tiny differences within these fonts? The list could easily be reduced to Come on guys, wake up. How about Century Gothic?

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Non potete non averli…. I generally use Trebuchet MS or Lucida. The information above helped though….. My favourite fonts are again Trebuchet MS and Zapfino!!! I am not fond of typography though….. I use it quite alot, especially for contact details on business cards. Lubalin Graph is a perfectly weighted slab serif that can be used for body or display copy.

Rockwell is much better, too.

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  • Same with the Bells. Also — Garamond is way better imo then Clarendon. I feel like the x-height on Clarendon moves the balance up to much — it feels awkward. This is a great list specially for web designers when they are designing the graphics for the websites they are developing. I might sound like a n00b, but these are not web safe fonts and hence are not recommended for use for showing text on HTML pages.

    I would love to have a list of web safe fonts or nearly web safe fonts that are recommended for use. Do you have any suggestions? Boo on the Times New Roman. There are a multitude of better serif fonts you could be using over that. If I could only pick one to use for the rest of my life it would be Garamond.

    Download Free Font Formata

    Par to k? I agree! Font should be readable and just simple its up only up to you as designer on how you can make eye catching design using theses fonts. Nice article. I have been looking for something like this. Now instead of scrolling through all of my fonts I can go directly to them.

    Love Love Love x10 your blog. A breath of fresh air. Hi, Thanks your article usefull for me. Best wishes wish you your article will be good in future. What about Optima?

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    • A lot of Public Service departments are switching to that from Helvetica…. To those bemoaning the lack of variety and creativity, I suspect you are looking for fonts that shout louder than the content they are supposed to subtly command. If you are concerned how these fonts are going to look on the web, simply look at this page on the web and then you will see how they look on the web.

      Formata Font Family

      You rendered Univers with the font Trade Gothic. The actual Univers is closer to Helvetica, but with a more harmonic letter design. Great collection here. Some of the classics for sure. Glad to see Frutiger and DIN on here. Often overlooked and SO crucial. What type faces in your collection are free? Whatever you can spare, would be greatly appreciated. Dick Commer. Hello Dick, Only the typefaces that are included with software such as your Operating System are going to be free and they will still have a license. The rest are available for purchase online.

      Thanks for this great list of fonts. WOW this is a great collection of 30 excellent fonts, many of which I never would have thought of! Gives some really good food for thought and action. And to the complainers, not everything in life is free. Some of these fonts are pretty much the same. There are some great ones though that everyone should have.

      I agreet that these are good solid texts that can be used effectively in a wide variety of media. Many of them look extremely similar. You should do a blog post of your favorite creative ones or perhaps some type faces that you created on your own.