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Blu-ray Drive , as its name implies, is an optical disc drive that is specially designed to play Blu-ray Disc, a high-definition optical disc format with great dentisy.

So far, all Mac and Windows-based PC haven't ship with Blu-ray drive for one reason or another, so they couldn't access to the Blu-ray Disc. Therefore, there are plenty of Blu-ray drives coming into the market. Here will share some reviews about some Blu-ray Drive, hoping to provide some references for users. It can get all the power it needs from a USB connection so there is no hassle of power cables.

With USB 3. Magic Cinema technology, extreme 12X Blu-ray writing speed enables Blu-ray 3D entertainment, and its Diamond Shape realizes aesthetics of technology.

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Please note that package cannot play blu-ray movie or read blu-ray disc, unless it works with software for Blu-Ray playback, so you need to download or purchase additional 3rd party Blu-ray player software for Mac or PC. Also, the Blu-ray Combo drive does not have capability to burn Blu-Ray disc.

Corporations this big really need to talk to each other and work together to ensure our consumer products don't become obsolete after a couple of years or worse, months. The big corporations often claim they are doing their bit to combat global warming but how well does that argument stack up when they're selling products which will be quickly destined for the scrap heap because they can't be used, whilst being otherwise in good physical order?

Say "hello! I have been in contact with the Samsung Blu-ray writer support, who sent me a split USB power cable to try.

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Both I and my son who has the same writer and problem tried it and it makes no difference. This does not seem to be a power issue.

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I reported this back to support who have now informed me that they have no other solution - no firmware or driver upgrade. It would seem we all now have a writer that will not work with Windows 10 and neither Samsung or Microsoft or their affiliates are going to do anything about it. Moderators, please take note of this wholly unacceptable situation.

I agree with you that it's unacceptable. I'll chase up with our Head Office to see what we're able to advise here. Say "Hello! Please update this thread ASAP with the support required for this device under this operating system. This drive was sold to me on May through Amazon the year Windows 10 was released, it should have had supported drivers.

I cannot find these drivers on Samsung's website. Please help! Sign In. Help Open search. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I'd contact the mfr and ask those questions including your hardware processor specs and your Mac OS.

In any case, even if it is compatible, you still need software to both read a DVD and burn one since Macs do not support Blu-ray. Nov 24, It gets recognized as a storage device without problem. You don't need any special device driver. If you want to play unencrypted Blurays, you can do it with VLC player. If you want to go with encrypted ones, you need some additional stuff for VLC do a google search on the subject or buy one of the SW players mentioned above.

You can also try makemkv for more interesting things to do with blurays. Jan 5, It works as you describe except for blurays. When it comes to Blurays the system won't simply react when a disk is inserted into the driver. However the Disk Utility still recognizes that the driver is connected and keeps waiting for a recordable disk to erase. Did you do some configuration to makemkv, vlc, mac blu-ray player to make it recognize the drive?

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Jan 6, 7: Jan 6, For everyone having issues with reading and writing Blu-ray Discs on a Mac, you need to purchase both Blu-Ray playing software, like the Macgo Blu-Ray player or some other Mac compatible Blu-ray playing software. Jul 9, 8: Just to confirm, it has to be the Roxio Toast Titanium 11 Pro version, not a lesser version? Jul 9, To reiterate some of the things already mentioned. No Blu-ray drive you can purchase comes with any type of Mac software for viewing Blu-ray disks, or writing Blu-ray movies. OS X can burn a Blu-ray data disk with the built in Burn utility.

The playback software MichelPM already named are really all by the same company. Or at least, they all used the same template. The only thing that's different between them is the design of the interface itself. Just looking at each web site tells you they're all the same. They also all time out and force you to buy the overpriced software.

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This one is truly free. At least it was when I first got it. Your only requirement is to provide an email address to get a one-time, permanent activation code.