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Hello Eric, not sure if this helps or is exactly what you are looking for as I am unfamiliar with the NAS issue you have.

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At first I was unable to use the WD mybook for restore, as is was not recognized by the computer after the menu came up from pressing " command R " during start up. I attributed this to the WD software requiring a password to access the drive. This is the same password that you anyone who owns a WD mybook have to supply each time you want to use time machine to back up files. There is a simple remedy I found. You need to go to your applcations and select " WD SmartWare ," type in your password, then select the " Settings " tab at the upper right hand conner.

Then select " Set up drive.

So when you restart your computer and hold or as I found press many times the " command R " to access the restore window at start up, you can select restore from time machine, and have your WD mybook now appear in the timemachine device window, as the device is not password protected anymore. Once your computer is restored you can follow the same steps outlined above to reinstate your password for your WD mybook. Best of luck,. Jan 9, AM. Page content loaded. Feb 22, AM.

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Yes it was The Dutch helpdesk could not really help me to be frank as they didn't know much about the intricacies of Time Machine. Despite the fact that it claims to be Time Machine compatible. They referred it to the US helpdesk after a number of to's and fro's but before they could do something sensible, lo and behold, a firmware update suddenly came along.

And even though I don't think can't remember it mentioned this problem, it did solve it. I now have it working as it should.

OS X Lion, NAS, and Time Machine | brandon martinez

It is still an incredibly slow combi quite a lot of the time not always, which makes it really weird so I would not recommend to use this otherwise fine NAS for Time Machine but it does work now. Feb 23, PM. Jan 10, AM. It's like having up to 8 terabytes of extra storage for your mobile device. With a personal cloud you can centralize all your photos, videos and files in one secure location.

Securely access your files anywhere you have an Internet connection. Just go to WD2go. You can even connect to your Dropbox and other cloud accounts to seamlessly transfer files to and from your personal cloud. Set this system to data protection mode also known as mirrored mode or RAID 1 and the capacity is divided in half.

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Half of the capacity is used to store your data and the other half is used for a duplicate copy. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, your data is protected because it's duplicated on the other drive. With RAID enabled on a storage system you can connect two or more drives in the system so they act as one large volume fast drive or set them up as one system drive used to automatically and instantaneously duplicate or mirror your data for real-time backup. Set the system to data protection mode also known as mirrored mode or RAID 1 and the capacity is divided in half.

Out of the box, this two-drive system combines both drives into one large volume, serving as one drive for maximum capacity. Spanning combines all the drives in a system into one large volume so they act as one giant drive. Though spanning does not offer the protection of RAID modes, the advantage of spanning is that you use the maximum capacity of the system.

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My Book Live Duo ships in this mode. My Book Live Duo comes complete with two desktop hard drives offering high-capacity, low power consumption, and cool, quiet operation.

How to Make a Bootable Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 USB Thumb Drive

The drives are factory tested within the enclosure for optimized performance and WD quality you can count on. The perfect dual-drive solution for centralizing and sharing data on your wired or wireless network.

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Connect the My Book Live Duo to your wireless router to share and access videos, music, photos and important files with any PC or Mac computer on your network. A built-in, high-powered MHz CPU gives you the horsepower you need for the most demanding applications and best-in-class read speeds faster than traditional USB 2.

Stream media seamlessly and transfer files without skipping a beat. I do not understand why it would not work as i can easily see the drive and the contents of both the public folder and the backup that were taken. Any ideas? I have purchased a mybook live to use with my imac but will try tot get a refund if it will not work with timemachine.

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I have the same set up problem too — trying to run Time Machine on MyBook Live and not working at all. Would love to hear ideas on this too! Time Machine starts up but it never finishes.

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This is exactly what happens for me. Did you ever get it to work? I am also having the same problem, backing up my new imac 1 month old with lion on to a WD mybooklive that I previously used to successfully back up 2 windows PCs running Vista no probs.