How to make a picture slideshow on mac

The steps to make a slideshow with Photos are the follows: Import the images to Photos program and select them for your slideshow. A prompt with default name for the slideshow will pop up.

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If you need, you can customize the name of slideshow. All of your slideshows that are created will be displayed in the left pane under the Projects tab.

How to Create iPhoto Slideshows on Your Mac

Use iMovie iMovie is a very popular video editing program which comes along with all Mac computers. Choose the theme that can suit your project best from the various themes options.

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Highlight all the images, and drag them to the timeline. In order to change the transitions between slides, double click on them afterwards select to edit the transitions. Double click the opening and closing screens to edit the texts.

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Wow Your Family And Friends – Create A Slideshow In iPhoto [OS X Tips]

Submit Cancel Reply. The Music panel gives you access to your iTunes library for use as background music.

In Albums view, Control-click or right-click on your mouse any album even those created by Photos and choose Play Slideshow from the menu that appears. To play an instant slideshow of multiple albums, select them by Command-clicking each one, and then Control-click one of the selected albums and then choose Play Slideshow.

The albums play in the order in which they appear in Albums view. You can also select an album or several and then click the play button in the Photos toolbar at the top of the window. Photos automatically includes all the images inside the current album in your show. If you did have a thumbnail selected, only that image gets included in the show.

To play a slideshow of just a few pictures in the album, select their thumbnails first, and click play, Either way, the Themes pane opens; click Play Slideshow to start the show. To control the order of pictures inside each album, rearrange them in the album before you start the slideshow. Here the Panoramas album is open but the slideshow will be of the Favorites album.

Make a Photo Slideshow with Photos and Music on Mac & Windows

Once the show gets going, you can pause it by pressing the space bar on your keyboard; tap the spacebar again to restart it. To move through the slides manually, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

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To end the show, press the Esc key or wiggle your mouse to summon the slideshow controls, and then click the X. Let go of your mouse button and after a few seconds the onscreen controls disappear.

Photos view

Click on the Music button just next to the Themes button, and pick a song from the included music themes. Or, use the drop down menu to grab a song from your iTunes library to match the mood of your photos.

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I suggest some dubstep. Dubstep makes everything cooler. You can also click on Export to send it as a video file in a variety of formats. Your friends and family will thank you for not wasting their time with a boring old slideshow, like you did last year. Got an OS X tip? Need help troubleshooting OS X? Drop me a line or leave a comment below.