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Please share your forum-specific feedback and bug reports in the Forum Feedback community. Wow Realised that booting with one 6 pin power cable in the ti and produced the same results Replaced the 6 to 8 pin adapter cable Everything works again Original cable must have broken literally as I updated to High Sierra.

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Update, Fresh install of Sierra I can't work out what can be causing this if it's not hardware and I'm using a fresh install each time. The only thing that I can think of that has changed since I was running the Ti without any problems is the High Sierra firmware update, but I know that people are running this without any issues also.. Drivers Nvidia Web got loaded.

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And normally show work. Even on hackintosh : Perhaps someone can give you hint or can say this card type works in other MacPros or not. So tell Vendor and Modell Name - it its not from Apple - for others to help.


And, can it be an power source problem? Before I updated to High Sierra I was running the card on Also the sec update? If you have no screen and using second gpu? And you have an monitor connected at the Nvidia? Which connector you use? If possible try to use other connector?

Best graphics card for 2010 Mac Pro that is supported out of box

Other in High Sierra. Running Sierra Otherwise the monitor is connected via HDMI, I have tried booting with nothing connected, and using display port, still the same result. If you need any more info from me just let me know. Question: You have now From the nvram and also the kextstat Just tried the command, still nothing : drv is also set to 1 wen I check the variables At the moment I'm running a fresh install of Sierra Driver version Here's kextstat from my current setup Sierra IOStorageFamily 2. DiskImages AppleBusPowerController 1. AppleCredentialManager 1. AppleMobileFileIntegrity 1.

AppleMatch 1. AppleAPIC 1. AppleEFIRuntime 2.

Mac Pro 4.1 and 5.1 GPU Upgrade for Mojave (Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX580)

AppleHPET 1. AppleRTC 2. IONetworkingFamily 3. IOFamily Brcm IntelLEthernet 2. IOFireWireFamily 4. AppleUSBHub 1. IOBluetoothFamily 5. AppleSMC 3. AppleIntelSlowAdaptiveClocking 4.

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IOPlatformPluginFamily 6. IOPlatformPluginLegacy 1. AppleLPC 3. IOAudioFamily IOGraphicsFamily AppleHDAController AppleSSE 1. AppleSMBusController 1.

IOBluetoothSerialManager 5. No graphics card will increase the render speed of FCP. They will only help Motion and Color. The only thing that speeds up FCP is processors. But by now it's looooong in the tooth. Do you know if a card with more memory allow for renders that otherwise bring up error messages blocking rendering? FCP 7 doesn't always allow me to render so I have to remove some plugs, export, bring back the clip and apply the plugs I removed to it.

Then it renders. Would a card with 3 or 4 GB memory allow for those renders to happen? If so, I need to know which cards would work. FCP really is quite limited in asset efficiency, but the root cause is that Quicktime is not really multi-threadable, and FCP is Quicktime.

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You read about really great rendering efficiency with other applications, but they are, for the most part, bit, and built to take advantage of GPU off-loading, and CUDA processing, none of which Final Cut knows anything about.