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I initialize the MemoryAnalyzer. Java heap space. I have had simmilar issues and always it turned out that I did something wrong. Check one more time your jvm setting using i. Set Xmx value to Xmx value. Hi, Thanks for your valuable answer. But even after updating size to 10gb i am still getting the same error, can you please help me? Do not include SWAP memory in calculations.

How eclipse.ini works?

Problem Unable to open large hprof file, because of the exception shown below. Sign in. Get started.

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Java Heap Dump Analyzer

Further notable changes of the release 1. Yatta is a software engineering company. We believe software is changing the world. And we help people build great software. Write the first response.

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Discover Medium. If gate. Alternately you can run gate. Alternately, you can specify any log4j configuration file by setting the log4j.

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This can be used to e. To specify a log4j configuration file add something like -Drun. Running GATE Developer with either the -ld or the -ln option from different directories is useful to keep several projects separate and can be used to run multiple instances of GATE Developer or even different versions of GATE Developer in succession or even simultanously without the configuration files getting mixed up between them.

Advanced Setup

Here is a list of the properties used, their default values and their meanings: gate. This should point to the top level directory of your GATE installation.

How to increase Java heap size (Make Java faster)

This is the only property that is required. If this is not set, the system will display an error message and them it will attempt to guess the correct value. The site configuration file must exist! If not specified, or if the specified file does not exist at startup time, the default value of gate.

Eclipse Increase Heap Size · ethz-asl/programming_guidelines Wiki · GitHub

If not specified, the default value of gate. This has similar functionality with the the -d command line option. This is the location of the creole. The default points to a location inside gate.

Alternatively, you can set the values programmatically using the static methods setGateHome , setPluginsHome , setSiteConfigFile , etc.